Broker Services

One of the largest and best-established shipbroking firms on the Pacific West Coast, CTL's strengths lie in its solid industry knowledge and the extensive international experience of its brokers, each of whom is familiar with diverse vessel types and various commodities. The company has developed longstanding relationships with ship owners and shipbrokers abroad. These relationships enhance the experience and depth of knowledge that benefit CTL's clients.

The brokers work in an open work/share environment, alongside Compass Marine Services' ship agents. This ensures excellent, open communication and collaboration regarding all aspects of operational situations and port information. This is most valuable when positioning and tending to vessels during the loading/unloading of cargo and on taking delivery/redelivery of the ships.

We offer a variety of services

  • Management of all business transactions
  • Ship and fleet evaluations
  • First-hand experience with all types of vessels, with particular note to open hatch/semi-open type and log ships
  • Assisting buying and selling of 2nd hand ships
  • Contact with shipyards and investment/financial groups for newbuilding projects
  • Excellent access to worldwide ship owners for fixing freight on a full and part cargo basis
  • Ongoing contact with scheduled liner, semi-liner and tramp parcel services
  • Creative solutions for obtaining competitive parcel freight for smaller volume cargoes into South/Central American ports by combining on ships with non-competing cargoes
  • Close affiliation with Compass Marine Services, a leading ISO 9001-2000 certified ship agency
  • Timely ship, cargo and market intelligence
  • Freight market and port information as required
  • Complete post fixture support, including demurrage/despatch reconciliation and resolution of other post fixture matters
  • Booking note, charter terms and export logistics counsel